(410) 715-2272

 10700 Charter Drive 
Columbia, MD 20144

About Us

“Just when we all thought that delivery couldn't get any better, along came Charter Deli. Forget ordering wings and pizza for delivery. Charter brings you breakfast in bed. With classic favorites such as lox, bagels and egg sandwiches, this little deli knows how to make Columbia smile. Try something a little bit out of the ordinary and sink your teeth into a Genoa salami sandwich or a boiled ham with cheese. And you'll love the "Being Bad" dessert selection. Throw your diet out the window with pecan pie or vanilla fudge cake. 'Cause you're naughty... right?” - The Baltimore Sun

“Charter Deli is located in a nondescript office building in Charter Plaza off Hickory Ridge Road. But for the community around it, it's clearly a lunchtime favorite.”

“Today, the business bustles at lunchtime as employees in the area come to get food, or kids who are off of school gather in large groups and enjoy sandwiches. Nash said the bestsellers include the Big Ben Club—a classic bacon, lettuce, tomato and ham or turkey club sandwich—and hot reuben.”

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